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Claas Arion 630 1:32 Scale

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Scale 1:32

Superior attention to detail distinguishes the Claas Arion 630

It is one of their flagships– WIKING is now unveiling the Claas Arion 630 with a new look. With this imposing tractor, WIKING is expanding their selection of these tractor giants from the Harsewinkel specialists, which dominate the 1:32 range with the Axion and Xerion series. The new Class tractor WIKING has chosen to replicate convinces with the usual attention to detail, which has been further enhanced by countless refinements that stay true to the original. Sporting a plethora of attractive functional details and a precisely reproduced driver’s cab, the model is hand-made and consists of die-cast zinc components that have been finished to perfection with filigree plastic elements. Examples include the cab, which was outfitted with a new CEBIS operator panel, and the cab roof, which now features an all-round LED light. There are folding warning signs on either side, while the front indicators sparkle with a new design. The same holds true for the updated exhaust, the new working lamps on the cab front, and the wide-angle mirrors. Every miniature exemplifies a passion for technology that is combined with the fascination of powerful details.

Product Details:
The bonnet has been designed by WIKING such that it can be opened, affording the beholder a view of the detailed replication of the engine. The model is furthermore equipped with movable top and lower links and with attachment options if trailers require a cardan shaft. The swing axle can be controlled via the steering wheel. Extraordinary richness in detail makes the cab look authentic and makes it possible to open the cab door on the driver’s side as well as the rear window. Better still, the exterior mirrors can be folded in and out as well. The interior of the cab beckons with precisely replicated and imprinted instruments, while the markings, warning signs, and lamps along with the hydraulic connections are imprinted with filigree detail. Warning signs and tyres with a knobbly profile polish off the overall look.

Not suitable for children under 14 years!

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