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Cutting mat

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The Auhagen cutting mat is ideal for working with cutting knives, item 90 003, or modelling knives, item 90 005. Its structure of three different solid layers makes the mat practically indestructible. The surface heals after each cut, so when you make the next cut, the cutting tool does not slip into an old groove and cause an untidy cut.
The centimetre-spaced square grid printed on the mat makes it easier to lay out components and to trim to recurrent dimensions. The dimensions of the mat mean it is large enough to be able to work comfortably.
The cutting mat is suitable for cutting paper and card, as well as Auhagen plastic panels. It is also an ideal base when trimming sprue from small parts with the cutting knife.
450 x 300 mm

Made in Germany

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Weight 0.510 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 1 cm