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Märklin my world – Premium, Starter Set with 2 Trains

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HO 1:87 Scale



  • Double the fun with extensive accessories for a joint, extended play experience
  • Battery operated trains with light and sound functions
  • Fast charging with rechargeable batteries and a USB charging cable
  • Operating the trains easy as child’s play thanks to the Märklin Power Control Stick
  • Containers for loading
  • Large track layout of sturdy plastic track designed for children for quick setup and takedown


Model: Both trains have battery drives and magnet couplers between the individual cars. The motors, rechargeable batteries, and all of the electronics are designed to be inaccessible to children. The locomotives can be charged with the USB charging cable included with the set. Both trains each have 3 speed levels forward and reverse, 3 sound functions, and headlights. The set includes a tunnel, a manual grade crossing, and a station platform for a big way to get started in the exciting world of railroading.
Passenger train length 32.6 cm / 12-13/16″.
Freight train length 58.5 cm / 23″.
Contents: The set has 25 sections of curved plastic track, 40 sections of straight plastic track, 3 left turnouts, 2 right turnouts, and a track bumper. An easy-to-use, Märklin Power Control Stick designed for children is included for each train. A sheet of stickers is included. A USB charging cable, 6 each AAA batteries as well as 6 each LR44 button batteries are included with this set. This set can be expanded with the 23400 plastic track extension set.
These trains can each be operated with 2 different frequencies and other my world trains can thereby be added to a setup. Passenger train (U/V) Freight train (W/X)

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Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 43 × 24 cm