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Reamer set

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This special tool belongs in every modelling workshop. It is used for enlarging drilled holes measuring in the range of tenths of a millimetre. It can also be used on holes that are not completely round, such as when there are small burrs or paint residues in the drilled hole. Holes can sometimes also be sealed with a thin layer of paint after painting. This can then be punctured and the hole enlarged.
The cutting edges and flutes run straight along the axis of the reamer, and reamers are tapered to be thinner toward the front. The cutting edge of the awl ends just before the handle, and the diameter of the shank is then of the desired size. Reamers are not suitable for drilling.
The pack contains 6 reamers in sizes from 0.6mm to 2.0mm.

Made in Germany

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Weight 0.130 kg
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 1.5 cm