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Beer Barrel with Trump Stand, (2 pcs.)

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Contents – Beer Barrel with Trump Stand, (2 pcs.)

2x Beer Barrels , made of high quality resin
2x Trump Stand (table), laser-cut kit


BITS&PIECES – Be great in detail!
The party can begin – the beer is here! Stored in wooden barrels, matured, well chilled and freshly tapped, the dry throats can now be thrown down. The pitchers High! In the tabletop a not uncommon scenario both in the game and in the players themselves :-). The wooden barrels of the model are cast from high quality resin and richly detailed. Especially the wood grain and the metal rings as well as the taps are perfectly modeled. The trump stands are small lasercut kits and set up in no time. The trump stands can alternatively be used as tables … so a double benefit!
The models are delivered unpainted. The figure is from Freebooter and serves to reflect the proportions. Both the figure and other accessories are not included in

Comes unpainted and without embellishment details

Scale: 28-32 mm
Packaging: Unpainted and without embellishment details, Picture shows weathered/ painted model and is an example of how to paint. Vegetation shown not included
Note – Other items shown are an example of use and not included.
Made in Europe

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Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7.5 × 4 cm