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Desert house “Tuareg” with side staircase

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Contents – 1 x Desert house “Tuareg” with side staircase made from Structure hard foam
This tabletop model house offers you plenty of space for your tabletop miniatures.
The roof terrace can be reached via a staircase on the side.
The building entrance is equipped with a curtain.
The plaster of clay and sand is rough and cracked and in some places already broken off, so that the bricks are exposed.
The windows are barred with a diamond pattern.
To support the roof terrace, which is covered with wooden planks, wooden beams run through the building as a ceiling construction.
Behind the parapet your Minis will find half cover – whether for historical desert battles, fantasy skirmishes in arid landscapes or epic SciFi battles on Sansdplanets.
The hard foam models are easy to paint. With a little dry brushing and detail painting of the windows, doors and wooden parts you can give the building your own individual touch.
Comes unpainted and without embellishment details
Scale: 28-32 mm
Packaging: Unpainted and without embellishment details, Picture shows weathered/ painted model and is an example of how to paint. Vegetation shown not included
Note – Other items shown are an example of use and not included.
Made in Europe

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Dimensions 31 × 24 × 11 cm