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Landscape Crepe Paper

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Scale – All
Dimensions – 90 x 80 cm
Achieving Realistic Model Landscape Substructures
Landscape Crepe Paper
The “Landscape Crepe Paper” is ideal for modelling and designing a realistic landscape.
Tough but elastic special crepe paper made of three layers with a water-permeable middle layer – this is the ideal description of the “Landscape Crepe Paper”.
The beginning of every model landscape starts with the substructure. This is where the foundation for a high-quality landscape is created later. Whether it’s flat fields, high mountains or small hills, the groundscape is created with “Landscape Crepe Paper”. The product is ideal for modelling and creating realistic landscapes in a few steps. Thanks to the water-permeable middle layer, low-viscosity materials can be used for designing without any problems. Due to its flexibility and elasticity, the crepe paper can be optimally adapted to any shape. The “Landscape Crepe Paper” is versatile in its own way and lays the appropriate foundation for every model landscape.Made in Germany

Note – Model item, not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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