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Police – Morris Mini-Minor

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HO 1:87 Scale

The British police had always been quick to respond – and translated their speed to the road with the Morris Mini-Minor. Made in Britain at the time, the passenger vehicle quickly gained acceptance among the authorities as it quickly and safely took the “Bobbies” where they were needed. The bobby helmet is what gave rise to the name later adopted for them in the vernacular. The helmet was named Robert “Bobby” Pell, the gentleman responsible for reorganising the English police force. The Mini was just as much part of the characteristic look of the police as the unusual helmets worn by their police officers. Its body is just as striking as its interior is unmistakable. A look inside the Morris Mini-Minor miniaturised by WIKING reveals the uncommonly centre placement of the round instrument – a testimony to the traditional model makers’ characteristic devotion to detail! Without the Mini, British automotive history would certainly be much less compelling

Chassis black-grey, body white. Interior with dashboard and steering wheel (on the right) black-grey. Silver bumpers inserted at the front and the rear. Inserted transparent front headlamps. Grille ivory and wheel rims in silver. Blue light inserted in the middle of the roof. Silver Mini logo on the front and orange indicators. Headlamp rings and window surrounds imprinted silver. Tail lights imprinted red, Mini logo on rear with handle and fuel cap painted silver. Side window frames, ornamental strips and door handle painted silver. Black “Police” lettering on the side flanks.

Note – Model item, not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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