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3D sheet, Stone Block Limestone Rounded (Polychrome)

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HO 1:87 Scale

Size – 300 x 120mm
Finish Colour – Polychrome
Colour – OCHER

Good for almost every surface.
Flexible, three-dimensionally and super realistic.
Easy to work .

The flexible, self-adhesive sheets are three-dimensionally structured featuring super realistic surfaces. Thus, they are ideal for creating roofs, walls, floor covers or streets.
The Texture can be cut in shape with scissors, a hobby knife or laser.
The 3D Textures can be applied on almost every surface (paperboard, cement, wood, styrofoam, polyurethan etc).
By heating up (for example, with a hair-dryer) you can realign the 3D Texture or remove it from the object a few hours after the first use. Of course, the realistically pre-coloured 3D Texture can be also painted and weathered. We recommend our Acrylic Colours and the various methods described in detail in the chapter “Colouring and Weathering”.

Please note: Don’t fold at temperatures below 13° C! Risk of breakage!

Made in the Spain

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Weight 0.040 kg
Dimensions 33 × 12.5 × 0.005 cm