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Austin 7 – silver grey

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HO 1:87 Scale

Grey, but by no means subdued, that is how the Austin 7 whooshed all over the British Isles. The Mini has become a core part of British automotive history. When it entered series production in 1959, the petite British Austin 7 was supposed to be conceived as a throwback to the splendid brand tradition of the 1930s. To this end, the agile sub-compact Austin 7 – sometimes even promoted in ads as “Se7en” – was marketed under the name Morris Mini-Minor. In 1969, the car we deem a classic today gained even greater popularity with the founding of the “Mini” brand. While it cannot compare in size with most Jaguar classics, the small and quick-moving vehicle certainly measures up to the Jaguar’s significance in British automotive history

Chassis and steering wheel (on the right) black-grey. Interior pearl white, dashboard silver-grey. Body silver-grey. Inserted transparent headlamps with a printed silver backing. Bumper and radiator grille painted silver. Front radiator grille imprinted with “Austin 7” emblem. Door handles, ornamental strips, and tank supports painted silver. Front and rear window as well as rear side window frames painted silver. Bonnet with two ornamental strips. Indicators orange, tail lights red

Note – Model item, not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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