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Bakery – Kit

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HO 1:87 Scale Kit
Size – 3,8 x 4,2 cm 3,2 cm high
The little bakery made by NOCH will be a highlight on your model railway layout. The small kit is very realistic and the scene can be ideally created with complimentary accessories such as the Figures Set »Bakers« (ref. 15053).
A bakery, also a communal oven, is a simple functional building. The inside of the oven has been built of oven rock. In villages, use of a communal oven was widespread until the 1960’s and regular baking days saved a baker, your own oven and energy for the villagers. Additionally, baking day was an important way to interact and socialize within the community. While baking bread and cakes, the villagers could exchange news and gossip! Another reason for establishing baking houses was the intention to minimize the danger of fire caused by baking in individual households. Beside the bakery, there have sometimes also been side rooms in which preparation and additional works could be undertaken. The ovens were fired with locally available heating material, mostly brushwood and wood. Before putting in the items, the oven was pre-heated and later on, the subsequent glow was extinguished (source: Wikipedia).
Note – Figures, scenery and other items shown are not included and only shown as an example of use.
Made in Germany

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