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Basic set “Modeling”

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Suitable for All scales


250 g of ballast
100 g of Terrain Paste, gray
150 g of Water-Drops® easy
50 g of grass glue
Buffer bottle
40 g of Scatter Grass Summer “Meadow” (length of the grass fibers 2.5 mm)
42 g of scatter material, brown
20 g of lichen
40 grass tufts, mixed

Every beginning is easy!
Over 20% price advantage compared to buying the individual items!
How can you get started with the wonderful hobby of »model landscaping« as easily and smoothly as possible?
With the new basic »Handicrafts« package! The package includes everything from the floor design to the flocking to the design of realistic waters to start building your own model landscape.
It is ideal for those new to model making.

Note: The Water-Drops ® easy contained in the set are processed hot. There is a risk of burns. Please use gloves.

Note: Track not included

Made in Germany


Additional information

Weight 1.020 kg
Dimensions 42.5 × 20 × 7 cm