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Business park promotional set – Kit

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HO 1:87 Scale

Dimensions: 236x218x107mm, 152x64x60mm, 215x134x110mm, 164x113x64mm


Service around the car! 4-part theme set with small businesses in an industrial area. From a car dealership with a large shop window, to a car wash with two self-service car wash boxes, to a two-storey car workshop with offices and a fenced-off scrap shop, numerous specialist companies enrich the small business park.

This kit contains: 435 individual parts in 19 colors, window parts, 3 curtain masks, 2 decorations and 4 building instructions.

Note: Figures, vehicles and other accessories not mentioned above are not included and shown as an example of use.

Note – Model item, not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 year

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Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 40 × 28 × 10 cm