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Double Trunk Birch Tree

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Size – 19cm Tall

Suitable for O & HO Scales

Cor Blimey, They’re Tall! Mighty Trees for Even More Realism on a Model Landscape
The mighty “Double-Trunk Birch Tree” is ideal for making a model landscape even more idyllic and true-to-life. Besides spruces, firs, beeches, larches and many other tree species, birches exist in the great outdoors. Whether it’s in a field or a dense forest, the “Double-Trunk Birch Tree” can be used to make a landscape scene very customised. A lovingly recreated landscape is created.

Did you know that birch trees grow up to 30 metres high and lime trees even up to 40 metres? In H0 scale, a birch would then be up to 34 cm tall; a lime even up to 50 cm. Even if that would be a bit too much of a good thing for a standard model landscape, it’s high time for taller trees! Because beautiful model scenes can be designed with these particularly impressive standalone specimens. Four typical solitary trees are at your disposal: birch, lime, oak and chestnut.

The NOCH PROFI Trees series encompasses a very large selection of naturalistic model trees.

Particularly imposing solitary trees are now also available among the large PROFI Trees. All PROFI Trees are elaborately handcrafted in our factory in Vietnam. For example, the trunks are handpainted and matte-coloured to avoid an unnatural plastic shine. Thanks to a special non-woven fabric which is worked into the branches of the tree, the crown of leaves is given more volume. The PROFI Trees are flocked with high-quality NOCH Leaves. The specially ground and elaborately coloured material resembles the foliage of the original trees in shape and colour.

Note – Model item, not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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