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Leaf Follage Set Autumn

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Suitable for all Scales.

Colour – yellow, red, reddish brown and autumn orange

You’re never too old to jump into a pile of leaves!

When the leaves turn yellow-orange in autumn, the landscape shines in a whole new splendour. Not only the hedgehogs are happy about the numerous piles of leaves at the roadside and in gardens. Now you can also create this on your model landscape.

The popular NOCH foliage is a very finely cut, special foliage material. The individual leaves have a deceptively real leaf shape. It is ideal for flocking trees or bushes or for creating ivy, ground cover and deciduous forest floors.

The autumn foliage set contains all the leaf colours from yellow to brown-red that can be discovered in nature in autumn.

Made in Germany

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Weight .09 kg
Dimensions 24 × 12.5 × 2 cm