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Perfect Set „Road“

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Scale – HO, TT, N


  • Structured Road Construction Paint, Asphalt grey, 250 ml (ref. 60825),
  • Road Construction Paint Roller, 50 mm wide (ref. 60829),
  •  Starter Set Street Marking, contains: 1 curved ruler, 1 street marking pen, each 1 street marking template for H0, TT and N scale (ref. 60740)

Building a realistic model road is often a big challenge. It is precisely the obvious solutions that often do not lead to the desired result. This applies in particular to designing curves and junctions with ready-made products (such as Road Crepe Paper or Road Sheets).
In the Perfect Set »Road«, you’ll find all the products you need to create your own roads with curves and junctions as desired.

The NOCH Road Construction System forms the basis. It contains the special Structured Road Construction Paint and Road Construction Paint Roller. Road markings are finally applied with the Starter Set Street Marking.

The Perfect Set includes a detailed instruction video on DVD. So your project is guaranteed to succeed!

Note – Other items such as figures and other scenic items are not included and only shown as an example a list of what is included is as shown above.

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