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Perfect Set “Winter Landscape”

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NOCH – Perfect Set “Winter Landscape”

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Start Set Snowflakes, contains: 50 g Snow Glue, 25 g Snowflakes and Puffer Bottle (ref. 07065),
Snow Paste, 250 ml (ref. 08752),
Ice Crystals, 30 ml (ref. 08754),
Icicles, 30 ml (ref. 08756)

Building winter landscapes is becoming increasingly popular. Nevertheless, there is often some reticence among hobbyists because »winter« is a new theme for many of them. But what initially looks complicated is easy when you have the right materials to hand. And these very materials can be found in the Perfect Set »Winter Landscape«.

From designing the snowy landscape with white »snowflakes« to modelling snowy surfaces and snow mounds, to designing icy surfaces and icicles, you’ll find all the items you need to build a perfect winter landscape in the set.

The Perfect Set includes a detailed instruction video on DVD. So your project is guaranteed to succeed!

Note – Other items such as figures and other scenic items are not included and only shown as an example, a list of what is included is as shown above.

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Weight .750 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 20.5 × 10 cm