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PROFI Casting Compound

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Product Details – Produces approx. 800 ml

Create Super Realistic and Inexpensive Rock Faces and Mountainsides!

The NOCH Rock Casting System consists of six different Rock Casting Moulds in the size 24 x 12 cm. The new NOCH PROFI Casting Compound was developed specially for this purpose. This allows you to create deceptively realistic individual rocks, rock faces and rock formations as if by magic. No matter whether a mountain massif is to be built or a railway embankment is to be modelled with individual rocks, the NOCH Rock Casting System offers the perfect solution: it’s possible to duplicate rocks from a single mould in almost unlimited quantities with PROFI Casting Compound. As a result, cast rocks are very inexpensive and are particularly suitable for designing large rock and stone areas.

The casting moulds have a special internal coating that makes it easier to demould the rocks after they have set. In addition, the packaging is designed in such as way that it simultaneously serves as a stable casting frame. The frame is placed under the Rock Casting Mould for stabilisation. You can then fill it with PROFI Casting Compound.

The special NOCH PROFI Casting Compound can be easily mixed with water in a ratio of 1:3, poured into Rock Casting Moulds without any bubbles, and offers a high degree of stability. It is white when hardened and is therefore the ideal base material for homemade rocks, which are then coloured using NOCH Nature Paints.

1000 g PROFI Casting Compound produces approx. 800 ml pourable compound. In the following table, you can see the filling volume of the respective Rock Casting Moulds and can thus calculate how much NOCH Casting Compound you will need:

Ref., description Filling volume in ml
61230 Rock Casting Mould »Zugspitze« 350 ml
61231 Rock Casting Mould »Alpspitze« 250 ml
61232 Rock Casting Mould »Hochvogel« 150 ml
61233 Rock Casting Mould »Widderstein« 150 ml
61234 Rock Casting Mould »Mittagsspitze« 150 ml
61235 Rock Casting Mould »Rote Wand« 200 ml

Highlights of the NOCH Rock Casting System:

Reasonably priced: cast any number of rocks from one mould
Perfectly formed: PROFI Casting Compound for the finest structure
Smart: casting frame enables you to pour into the mould evenly
Innovative: special internal coating for easy demoulding
Super realistic: colouring with NOCH Nature Paints

Note: other items such as figures, vehicles and other accessories are not included and only shown as an example of use.

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