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Ramp with batch feeder – Kit

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HO 1:87 Scale

The access ramp corresponds to type RA 7 from the Saxon company Max Grumbach and is used for tipping vehicle loads to the side.
As with the larger prototype, the model consists of the supporting structure (in the original a steel profile construction) of the roadway with approach route, horizontal
Stand distance and departure distance.
The reinforced concrete slabs laid out as wheel tracks are represented in the model by special model cardboard. The side walkway with handrail and stairs is also reproduced true to the original.
The intake feeder of the type Progress DS 300 is used to feed high silos, drying systems and feeding systems and is
Tipping filled trailer loads via the loading ramp. The drive unit with the replica of electric motors is located on the side. The conveyor belt transports the product from the intake feeder to the conveyor fan (available as an option). From here, the tower silo is filled via an injection pipe attached to the silo. Kit.

Ramp size: 350 x 39 mm, height with
Railing: 32 mm. Receiving dispenser size: 97 x 52 mm, height: 38 mm.

Conveyor belt size: 112 x 9mm, height (erected): 24 mm.

Note – Model building item, not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Note – Figures, trees, vehicles and other scenic items are illustrative of use and not included in the kit.

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