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Themed Figures Set – Camping

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HO – 1:87 Scale
NOCH Themes has new Themed Figures that are ideally suited to making a summer landscape even more realistic.
Summertime is holiday time! And where else can you enjoy it more than while camping? Whether it’s at a beautiful lake in Southern Europe or in the mountains, on a luxurious campsite or completely alone and independent in the Outback: having your own tent with a campfire and a bottle of beer in your hand – that’s true freedom! When camping, you can live for the moment, enjoy yourself and just let yourself unwind in nature.
Set includes: 4 Figures, 1 Campfire, 2 Rucksacks, 1 Ridge Tent, 1 Igloo Tent, 1 Camping Table, 2 Camping Chairs (Unfolded), 1 Camping Chair (Folded), 2 Signposts, 1 Beer Crate, 1 Stone Well, 1 Wooden Well
Made in Vietnam
Note: additional figures and other scenic items are illustrative of use and not included.

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Dimensions 13 × 20.4 × 1.5 cm