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Toyota Land Cruiser, Yellow

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HO – 1:87 Scale

Toyota J4The J 4 from Toyota is a “veteran” among all-terrain vehicles. The body, which is largely based on the predecessor model J 2, is designed purely for practicality and, like the interior, only allows for the “bare essentials”. Characteristics of the J 4 series is the round headlight surrounds that define the front of this type.

The interior is characterized by the predominant materials metal and plastic. A huge three-spoke steering rim with a thin rim and a sheet metal dashboard with five pointer instruments are part of the Spartan interior. Power steering was available in the US for an extra $ 200, but it was never offered in Germany. In 1982 a closed gasoline engine cost 26,895 DM in Germany and was generally delivered as a six-seater – regardless of whether it was a hardtop or soft top.

The seating comfort consists of two “armchairs” mounted quite low. It offers space for four more people in the 1.35 m wide and 1.18 m high, but only 99 cm long cargo space. There are two spartan longitudinal seats that can be folded up to the side, but without support, but the J 4 is still one of the most popular off-road vehicles. However, the highly detailed 1:87 scale model is anything but spartan when you see the implementation with its razor-sharp contours. Everything has been implemented on the model so that it is in no way inferior to the original.

Note – Model item, not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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